Welcome to the Printed Droid Shop

Astromech electronics made with passion and love – Each board is hand made and tested for function and quality before shipping.

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I apologize to everyone waiting for a response, support, or boards from me. I am currently behind on handling all requests, but I am working to catch up.
Due to massive spam on the contact form, please reach out to me in the FB Group: Printed Droid.
Thank you for your understanding and patience.


1Why this shop?

A shop was never actually planned. Everything went through recommendations on facebook. But it is difficult to keep an eye on conversations on facebook. So a small shop was the logical consequence.

2Where are you located?

Germany 🙂

3How long is the delivery time?

Due to the Covid19 situation the delivery time can be longer than normal.
But it seems to get back to normal.

Europe ~1 weeks
USA/North America ~3-4 weeks
South America ~3-4 weeks
Asia ~2 weeks

But it may be that shipping from Germany to the USA only takes 10 days, while an order sent at the same time takes 6 weeks. Unfortunately, I cannot influence it and therefore ask for your understanding that I cannot make a clear statement. If you are in a hurry, there is the option of express delivery, please contact me separately.

4What about guarantee?

It is difficult to give a guarantee on products that are partly assembled by the customer himself. But I assure you that every PNP kit has been fully tested and works. For everything else, I can guarantee spare parts or replacements.
So if you run into trouble, let me know and we'll find a solution

5How long do you need until the order gets shipped

I run this shop in my free time. So it can happen that something is not soldered in stock (for example Teeces). 
But normally i'm able to ship within 14 days.
But it can take up to 4 -6 weeks when there's a lot to do.
If you're unsure, send me a message.

6Are those your designs?

Yes and no. Many of the designs were originally developed by other astromech members. But all of them have been modified, improved or expanded. Other components such as the Astrocomms, Mini Droid PCBs or the Relay PCB were developed by me, partly together with walex

7Show the product pictures the current version/revision?

I try to keep the product images up to date. But since new developments, ideas or customer requests are constantly being added, the product XXX v1.2 is shown, but v1.3 is sent. The latest version is always sent.

8I need a custom pcb, can you help?

I hope so. just tell me what you need and i will see what i can do. But very likely we will find a way.

9Where can i find you or get in contact?

Just join my FB Group or use the contact formular

10What about bundles?

If you want a bundle price contact me and we can talk 🙂